New project! 6.7% return in 8 months

6,7% de rentabilidad en 8 meses. 6.7% return in 8 months.

New project! 6.7% return in 8 months

New projects keep coming on Urbanitae! After announcing three last week, we’re back with the second tranche of a loan. Do you want to earn returns in 8 months? You can do so this Friday, July 5, at 12 p.m. (UTC+2). Here are all the details.

Indeed, the Villa Generalife II project is the continuation of Villa Generalife, which we financed in February. This means financing a luxury villa in Marbella, in the Nueva Andalucía district. The developer, SB Property Group, is requesting the second tranche of the loan to continue the comprehensive renovation of the villa, located in the exclusive Las Brisas Golf residential area.

The works began in March, and by the end of June, they were 28% complete. Since it’s a renovation, the work could start without a license, as it is processed as a responsible declaration. After the renovation, we will have a villa with six bedrooms and eight bathrooms that will include amenities such as an indoor spa, pool, sauna, wine cellar, cinema, and gym. In short, a project that clearly explains why Marbella is the capital of luxury.

6.7% return in 8 months

The second tranche of the loan amounts to €915,000. The loan contract stipulates a duration of 8 months at a fixed rate of 10%. This means that after the eight-month period, the total return for the investor would be 6.67%. Every investor can invest a maximum of €10,000 in this project.

However, a six-month extension is allowed from the sixth month. Additionally, partial repayment is allowed at any time, but subject to a minimum guaranteed return equivalent to eight months of interest.

As with other debt projects, we have established strict guarantees for this one. Among them, a first-rank mortgage on the registered property where the project is developed stands out. Investors entering this second tranche will be subrogated to this mortgage.

The works are expected to be completed between March and April 2025. According to the plan, the sale of the villa and the return of capital and interest to investors will take place in the third or fourth quarter of 2025.

In this video, the developer and our CEO, Diego Bestard, provide details of the Villa Generalife II project.

If you have any questions, you can check out the webinar we held in February. Additionally, you can ask us anything you need via or by calling (+34) 911 23 25 22. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest with a return in 8 months.

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