Do you want to know more about the world of investment? If you think investing is a good idea but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. We explain everything you need to know to take your first steps as an investor. In a casual tone and suitable for dummies.

Fundamentals of investment and savings

Discover the basics that every investor needs to know, from the importance of saving to the basic rules for building a solid financial future.

Real estate investment

Discover the world of real estate investment in Spain. We will explore different types of properties, investment opportunities with Urbanitae and key concepts such as SPV, loan-to-value and more.

Investment strategies

Learn how to invest strategically and maximise your opportunities. From diversification to long-term investing and advanced strategies such as dollar-cost averaging.

Advanced investment concepts

From the secrets of wise investing to the fundamentals of thriving, we tell you what you need to know to reach the next level as an investor.


Glossary of investment and financial terms.

Listen to our podcast

In the Urbanitae podcast you will find a lot of information about the real estate sector, investment trends and, yes, also our tutorials on how to start investing step by step and without making big mistakes.
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