Four Spanish cities in the top 20 for prime residential investment

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Four Spanish cities in the top 20 for prime residential investment

Prime residential investment is experiencing a boom in Spain. Attracted by the country’s tourism appeal and quality of life, investors are increasingly betting on luxury real estate in cities like Ibiza, Marbella, Mallorca, and Madrid.

This is confirmed by the latest Knight Frank Wealth Report, which places four Spanish cities in the top 20 for prime residential investment. This means that Ibiza, Marbella, Mallorca, and Madrid are among the top destinations for luxury real estate investors worldwide. Additionally, Barcelona and the Costa Dorada are highlighted as preferred locations for second homes.

What is prime residential?

Prime residential refers to luxury properties located in the most exclusive and desirable areas of a city. These properties are characterized by their high-quality construction, superior design, exceptional services, and generally privileged views. In Spain, prime areas include prestigious neighborhoods in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, as well as coastal locations on the Costa del Sol and the Balearic Islands.

Knight Frank’s study covers 100 capitals across five regions: Asia Pacific, America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The main variable is the appreciation of luxury residential properties. On average, the price of these assets increased by 3.1% last year. Topping this global ranking is Manila, with a rise of over 26% last year, followed by Dubai (+16%) and the Bahamas (+15%).

Ibiza is the highest-ranked Spanish city in Knight Frank’s top 20. The capital of the eponymous island remains in sixth position after recording a 12% appreciation in 2023. Following with 7.2% is Marbella, climbing to 13th place; Mallorca (+7%), rising to 14th, and Madrid (+6.4%), ascending to 17th. In fact, Madrid is the European capital where the prices of such assets have grown the most in the last four years.

Why is Spain an attractive market?

There are several specific reasons why our country stands out in these international indices.

Stability and security

One of the main reasons investors are attracted to the prime residential market is its stability. Properties in prime locations tend to maintain their value even in times of economic uncertainty. This is due to constant demand and the scarcity of available land in these exclusive areas. Investing in prime real estate in Spain provides a level of security that other types of investments cannot offer.

High profitability and appreciation

The prime residential market in Spain has shown steady appreciation over the past decades. Cities like Madrid and Barcelona have experienced sustained increases in the value of their prime properties due to factors such as high demand, economic growth, and international interest. Investors can expect not only the preservation of their capital but also significant long-term appreciation.

International demand

Spain continues to be an attractive destination for international investors and buyers, especially from Northern Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. The favorable climate, quality of life, rich culture, and geographic location make prime properties in Spain highly desirable. This international demand contributes to the stability and growth of the prime residential market.

Resilience despite forecasts

Consultants highlight the resilience of the prime residential market despite the international context. Most economists expected “a much weaker outcome” due to the combined effect of rising interest rates, market volatility, and inflation. In some cases—as seen in Spain on a general level—sales have suffered more than prices.

For example, in London and New York, prices fell by around 2% in 2023. This means that both cities are now 17% and 8% below their recent records, making them more competitive in the global prime residential market.

At Urbanitae, we have financed over 30 prime projects with a volume exceeding 100 million euros. To date, seven of these are located in Marbella, another seven in Madrid, and we also have projects in Ibiza and Mallorca. Next Tuesday, July 2nd, you too can invest in luxury residential in Benahavís, very close to Marbella. Are you in?

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