Homety: the new player in the new construction real estate market in Spain

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Homety: the new player in the new construction real estate market in Spain

Innovation and technology are two key aspects driving the future of the real estate sector, and Homety understands this well. This proptech, born out of the pandemic, brings together buyers of new construction residential properties and real estate developers in a unique space. The platform offers a wide range of exclusive real estate projects and includes discounts, state-of-the-art 360º virtual tours, advice, and financing, among other advantages. Lázaro Porras, sales manager at Homety, speaks in this interview about the present and future of the company and how they perceive the sector evolving.

What is Homety? How did it emerge, and who is the platform aimed at?

Homety is a digital platform specialized in marketing new construction real estate projects. This specialization allows us to dedicate all our resources, strategies, and tools to promote this type of product optimally.

After the pandemic, all professional sectors assumed the obligation of an imminent change driven by the need for technological innovations. Our proptech emerged in mid-2021 as a response to the need to digitize a real estate sector that remained obsolete in many aspects. Homety targets both buyers and real estate developers, creating a unique space that brings together all participants in the buying process in one place.

You offer a wide range of exclusive real estate projects. What are these projects like, and what are their main locations?

At Homety, we carefully select and verify the properties we market, ensuring they always meet the highest quality standards in the market. We offer a wide variety of exclusive real estate developments, including single-family or multi-family homes, ranging from apartments and penthouses to townhouses and villas in the main cities and coastal areas of the country.

How many properties have you sold through the platform to date?

Since our launch, we have sold more than 2,000 properties through our platform, of which more than 80% have been managed exclusively by Homety.

You rely on technology to make the purchasing experience for your users transparent, hassle-free, and 100% digital. What are the advantages of buying with Homety rather than directly from the developer?

When buying with Homety, in addition to accessing a wide selection of exclusive projects, our users can enjoy significant discounts, take state-of-the-art 360º virtual tours, receive personalized advice from our experts, access excellent financing opportunities, and many other benefits. And, of course, all completely free of charge.

“It is unlikely that there will be a significant decrease in housing prices; rather, we anticipate stabilization or a slight increase.”

On the other hand, how many developers have already trusted Homety? How can they make the most of their new construction projects with your marketing software?

So far, we have worked with approximately 20 developers nationwide in these two years of operation. At Homety, we are committed to the success of our developers, constantly adapting and evolving in a dynamic market that never stops.

Boost, also known as “The House of Developers,” is the section of our platform designed and created by and for developers. It is the perfect ally for their projects, as it not only improves reach and visibility but also defines, designs, and optimizes the sales strategy.

Where do you think the digitalization of the real estate sector stands?

The digital age has transformed how people search for and buy their homes. The digitalization of the real estate sector is at a crucial moment for its evolution. Buyers increasingly demand solutions that improve their search experience and simplify or streamline the purchasing process. At Homety, we are at the forefront of this transformation, offering an innovative platform that adapts to the needs and preferences of today’s buyers.

Last year, you marked a milestone in Homety’s trajectory with exceptional growth. What has led to this spectacular growth?

We can attribute this growth to three key factors. First, our strong commitment to innovation and technology; second, new strategic alliances with significant developers; and lastly, and most importantly, the trust placed in us by thousands of users.

What are your short- to medium-term goals to consolidate your position in the new construction real estate market? Do you plan to enter new markets?

In 2024, we have set very ambitious goals. The main objective is to end the year with more than 50 promotions in exclusive marketing. We are also finalizing collaborations to begin the geographical expansion of the brand internationally, with plans to enter new markets such as Portugal and Latin America. Finally, at the end of the year, we plan to inaugurate a new corporate headquarters that adapts to our new purposes.

“Buyers demand solutions that enhance their search experience and simplify or expedite the purchasing process.”

The demand for new construction continues to be much higher than the supply. It seems unlikely that we will see a decrease in prices in 2024. How do you estimate the market will behave?

It is true that the demand for new construction remains considerably high compared to the available supply. This suggests that a significant decrease in housing prices is unlikely; instead, we anticipate stabilization or a slight increase, depending on the area and type of project. Market stability will depend on various factors such as interest rate regulation and economic stability. However, it is important to closely monitor market developments and adapt our strategies accordingly.

From your platform’s experience, what does the new construction buyer primarily seek?

From our experience at Homety, the new construction buyer seeks a home that fits their needs and lifestyle, typically demanding modern and well-located spaces. They are usually demanding about finishes and highly value the latest trends in Smart Home. Community spaces have become essential, but other aspects such as energy efficiency, security, and the sustainability of the complex are also valued positively.

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