Unlatch, an online software for real estate marketing

Unlatch es un software de colaboración en línea para la comercialización inmobiliaria

Unlatch, an online software for real estate marketing

Launched in 2018, Unlatch is an innovative B2B software solution dedicated to professionals in the residential real estate sector that simplifies and digitizes the entire marketing process for new construction. Stakeholders – developers, marketers, clients, and notaries – benefit from an online collaboration tool, making the entire process smoother and simpler, significantly reducing timelines. The customer relationship is enriched, and buyers, through their own space, stay informed about the entire evolution of the property until its delivery. Sonia Bentué, Country Manager of Unlatch Spain, tells us in this interview how the entry of this French-origin company into the Spanish market has been and its contribution to the digitization process of the new construction segment.

How has the company entered Spain?

Unlatch entered the Spanish market in 2021 to digitize the process of selling new construction properties by opening a subsidiary in Madrid. The operation was part of the company’s international development strategy, which, since June 2020, has a fund of 5.2 million euros from Axa Venture Partners to strengthen its position in the real estate sales digitization market and accelerate its expansion in Europe.

“Unlatch is implemented in more than 500 real estate developers mainly in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, and Portugal.”

The entry into Spain has certainly not been easy. We have had to make a significant effort both commercially and in development to make ourselves known and to respond to Spanish processes.

In which countries is Unlatch already implemented?

Currently, Unlatch is implemented in more than 500 real estate developers mainly in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, and Portugal.

How does Unlatch help a developer or marketer improve their business?

Unlatch is real estate software that enhances marketing processes and becomes a collaborative platform with unlimited access for all marketing stakeholders and clients, streamlining procedures and digitizing processes with the software. We are aware that, in these times, the customer takes on a more significant role and wants to be part of the project, with customization of homes and close promoter/customer contact becoming more common. Professionalism and excellence in the customer/promoter relationship make the difference.

What advantages does it have for the developer or marketer to switch to digitization and incorporate platforms like yours?

The software enables the digitization of the new construction marketing process, from project launch to sale and delivery of the property. This digitization allows for better organization of tasks, promotes teamwork, allows us to be more efficient in our functions, and, as a result, the company benefits from overall savings. Moreover, the platform promotes professionalism and transparency, something that customers appreciate and value.

How many developers make use of this tool that digitizes the property marketing process?

As a company, Unlatch has more than 500 clients, 100,000 users, and 3,500 projects.

How many new properties does Unlatch manage today?

Within the platform, we manage about 4,300 properties in Spain alone.

Which regions are most attractive to most developers? Where are most projects located?

The most attractive regions for developers in Spain usually coincide with those where demand exceeds supply and are in a growth phase. They are attractive to both investors and individuals. Therefore, cities like Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia are among the Spanish provinces with the highest appeal.

“Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia are among the Spanish provinces with the highest appeal for the development sector.”

The demand for new construction remains much higher than the supply in the market, and despite prices, everything indicates that there is a tailwind for the marketing of new homes in Spain. How do you think the new construction market will behave this year?

This year presents challenges with a complicated economic situation due to inflation and still high-interest rates that affect both the developer and the end customer. Unlatch can help with its platform by streamlining processes and optimizing times to be more competitive and show an image that differentiates your work from the competition, always offering the best service.

What are the company’s next steps in Spain?

During 2024, we will work to consolidate our platform and make Unlatch a reference software. In this regard, and as part of our expansion strategy, we consider it crucial to stay in touch with developers, attending fairs and congresses throughout the country (SIMA, Simed, etc.), as well as with technology companies with which we can establish synergies.

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