“Transparency has been our top priority at Urbanitae”

Mar Carrillo, Marketing Automation Specialist en Urbanitae, nos habla sobre transparencia y mucho más

“Transparency has been our top priority at Urbanitae”

Introducing a novel product or service into the market is no easy task. A few years ago, this was evident with real estate crowdfunding, but nowadays this investment model is established in the market. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without a solid marketing team that has promoted both real estate crowdfunding and Urbanitae. In today’s interview, we speak with Mar Carrillo, Marketing Automation Specialist at Urbanitae, to explore in detail the work of this department.

What are your functions as a Marketing Automation Specialist?

My main role is to thoroughly understand the users who come to our platform and facilitate their process from the moment they register. This involves implementing marketing automation strategies that ensure effective and recurring communication without being overwhelming.

One of the most visible responsibilities is communicating the opening of projects to registered users. We ensure they have access to all relevant information, provide them with facilities to remember the opening date and time, and offer them the opportunity to participate in webinars with the developers.

All this is supported by a financial education strategy aimed at ensuring that all Urbanitae investors have the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about their investment strategy and perform solid analyses of our projects.

How long have you been working at Urbanitae?

I’ve been with the company for almost three years, and time has passed surprisingly quickly. When I joined, the team consisted of around 16 people, and today we are more than 40. The company has experienced significant evolution in terms of processes, teams, and support. However, what has always characterized Urbanitae is the strong sense of camaraderie and the enjoyable moments we share, which contribute to an enriching and collaborative work environment.

Could you talk about how you’ve experienced the evolution of Urbanitae from a marketing perspective in recent years?

The evolution of Urbanitae has been remarkable. In the beginning, our focus was on making ourselves known. Over time, the interest of small and medium savers grew, and the brand’s notoriety began to increase, driving demand in our projects. To adapt to this growth while still prioritizing transparency, new channels were opened, and actions that added value to our investors were identified.

“What has always characterized Urbanitae is the strong sense of camaraderie”

Offline actions were implemented, such as events aimed at both investors and developers, and prominent sponsorships, such as that of The Phantom of the Opera. These initiatives not only expanded our reach but also strengthened the relationship with our investor community.

What is the secret to having promoted something as specific as real estate crowdfunding in just a few years?

The success in promoting real estate crowdfunding in such a short time is based, in my opinion, on two fundamental pillars. First, transparency has been our top priority. Although the concept of real estate crowdfunding may seem complex, we give potential investors the opportunity to see specific projects materialize, whether in a residential housing development or in a commercial space. Additionally, we provide detailed information, such as real estate market studies, appraisals, and economic summaries prepared by our expert analysts. All this is accompanied by telephone and in-person service to address any doubts that may arise during the investment process.

Secondly, the importance of financial education. At Urbanitae, since we introduced Matías in our television spot, we have been committed to accompanying those who wish to learn not only about real estate crowdfunding but also about investment in general and the real estate sector. We have developed a learning process that covers everything from investment and savings fundamentals, through different investment strategies and real estate investment, to much more advanced concepts. This approach has allowed us to present real estate crowdfunding as an accessible, safe, and profitable option for investors of all sizes.

How many people are on the Marketing team, and how do you organize within the department?

Currently, our Marketing team consists of 12 people. We have specialists dedicated to various areas, including a performance team, design professionals, a marketing analyst, as well as individuals focused on content and social media, in addition to my role as a Marketing Automation Specialist.

“We have committed to accompanying those who wish to learn not only about real estate crowdfunding but also about investment in general and the real estate sector”

There is close collaboration among team members. We have weekly follow-ups to stay informed about the various actions implemented across all marketing channels.

In the face of changes in the market or consumer trends, how do you adjust marketing automation strategies?

Weekly and monthly follow-ups allow us to identify any emerging changes in the sector or consumer behavior. Based on this analysis, I consider various possibilities for adjustment, either with specific actions or changes in the overall strategy, and develop a detailed proposal. Everything is measured with concrete data, allowing us to move forward confidently or discard ideas that don’t work securely.

How do you collaborate with other departments, such as Investor Relations or Technology?

In our daily work, I would say that all departments collaborate very frequently. I’ll highlight two examples. When we publish a project, we maintain constant communication with the Real Estate department to obtain detailed information. This collaboration ensures that we have all the necessary data for an effective presentation on the platform.

Similarly, we work hand in hand with the Investor Relations department. Their daily contact with investors gives us ideas that enable us to provide efficient support to investors in the various phases of their process.

Finally, how do you stay updated on the latest marketing trends?

There are many resources where I can find news and marketing trends. Reports from associations and various companies, webinars of all kinds, and also in-person events from different suppliers or organizations where you can find new ideas to implement.

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