We’re expanding Urbanitae’s team in France and Portugal!

Ampliamos el equipo de Urbanitae en Francia y Portugal

We’re expanding Urbanitae’s team in France and Portugal!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of José María Carpio and Simão Cruz to our team, responsible for leading Urbanitae’s international expansion in France and Portugal, respectively.

As you know, since late 2022, we have obtained authorization from the CNMV to operate as a crowdfunding service provider in accordance with European crowdfunding regulations. The new law allows us to conduct our activities beyond our borders, in any European Union country.

Two impressive signings

During this time, we have been paving the way to explore other markets and begin offering investment opportunities from other countries, maintaining our focus on quality. Next year, we will set our sights on two markets akin to ours, France and Portugal.

The Urbanitae team in France will be led by José María Carpio, a professional with over 30 years of experience in real estate investment and development in companies such as Acciona, Metrovacesa, or the Fenext Group (formerly Carpio Capital), of which he is a founding partner, as well as French companies Financière Rive Gauche and Grupo Atland. Carpio is the ultimate responsible for two of Urbanitae’s most successful projects, Pinares I and Pinares II, which achieved returns exceeding 40% in both cases.

Meanwhile, Simão Cruz will be heading the operations in Portugal, having led the Estonian real estate crowdfunding platform Crowdestate in the Portuguese market in recent years.

Over €2.8 billion financed

Opportunities are plentiful across the Old Continent. As our CEO points out, “in 2022, crowdfunding raised €2.8 billion in Europe, doubling the number of operations, and future growth forecasts are very high.” Our goal is to leverage our track record in Spain, where we hold over 60% of the market, “to establish a relevant position.”

Our next step in the roadmap will be venturing into Italy, with the ultimate goal of becoming the leading real estate crowdfunding platform in Europe.

Leading in profitability in Europe

We approach this new phase with the confidence to lead not only the crowdfunding market in Spain but also to spearhead profitability on a European scale. According to the recent Real Estate Crowdfunding Report 2022, Urbanitae is the European platform with the best results among the top 25 (by financing volume). This result fills us with pride and reaffirms our diligence in selecting projects and structuring operations.

Therefore, we look forward to sharing more updates about Urbanitae‘s expansion in France and Portugal very soon. Meanwhile, we’ll continue offering many exciting projects from Spain. Stay tuned!

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