What happened at Urbanitae in the second half of 2023?

Te contamos todo lo que ha pasado en Urbanitae en la segunda mitad de 2023

What happened at Urbanitae in the second half of 2023?

As the year comes to a close, we want to review what’s been happening at Urbanitae in the second half of 2023. Similar to what we did in June, we’re taking a look back to share the highlights of the semester and our outlook for the upcoming year. Will you join us?

25 funded projects

In a real estate investment platform, numbers speak volumes. We’re delighted to share that, even though there’s still time, 2023 is already our best year to date. Between July and December, we’ve successfully funded 25 projects. We’ve continued to drive real estate crowdlending, with an impressive 12 debt projects, 10 value-added projects, and two income-generating projects.

Additionally, we’ve continued to deliver projects and, more importantly, preserved our investors’ funds in 100% of the cases. We’ve returned over €31 million, with a total return exceeding 16%.

France and Portugal, here we come!

Just as our numbers grow, so must we to maintain and even exceed the pace. We’ve expanded our team by five more individuals. Among the new additions, we highlight Simão Cruz, tasked with leading Urbanitae in Portugal, and José María Carpio, heading the team in France. José María was practically part of the family already: his company, Carpio Capital (now Fenext), is responsible for two of Urbanitae’s most profitable projects, Pinares I and Pinares II.

More than 20,000 managed investments

Thanks to all of you and the over 20,000 investments made on the platform, these past six months have been excellent for Urbanitae. Therefore, in the second half of the year, we’ve doubled the bonuses in our referral program for you. Additionally, we’re offering you the chance to attend the year’s most important musical, “The Phantom of the Opera,” at a discount, of which we are main sponsors.

Over 25,000 calls and 6,000 cases solved

Our Investor Relations team has been busy these past six months. They’ve handled a total of 25,000 calls and resolved 6,000 cases in an average time of just two hours. The personalized attention from our managers is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy, and the results prove we’ve lived up to it.

New and Recurring Developers Throughout these six months, we’ve collaborated with around twenty developers, 15 of whom had already put their trust in us previously. Among the new additions are Belisla, Ugaren, Dmarchée, or Quadratia. Large-ticket projects also stand out: three at €5 million, five between €3.8 and €4.5 million. This confirms the attractiveness of the projects we select for investors.

Hello, Mangopay!

Furthermore, we’ve managed to implement the integration of a new external payment entity for institutional investors: Mangopay, with the same guarantees as always. At Urbanitae, we’ve worked to prevent failures during demand peaks, such as project openings. We now handle 100% of the requests to payment entities, which, as always, continue to secure your funds.

Want more? If you want to know everything that’s happened at Urbanitae in 2023, don’t miss the summary video of the semester. And stay tuned, the year hasn’t ended yet, and there are still several projects on the horizon.

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