¡We are members of the European Crowdfunding Network!

We are members of the European Crowdfunding Network!

¡We are members of the European Crowdfunding Network!

We are thrilled to announce our membership in the European Crowdfunding Network (EUROCROWD), marking a new milestone in our journey. This strategic partnership reflects our commitment to continue contributing to the crowdfunding industry both at the Spanish and European levels.

Since our inception in 2019, we have positioned ourselves as a leading real estate crowdfunding platform in Spain, successfully raising over €200 million through high-quality real estate projects. Additionally, we have recently entered into a €150 million Joint-Venture alliance with Neinor Homes and a strategic collaboration with CBRE Project Management to strengthen the control and monitoring of the projects we finance.

EUROCROWD is an international organization founded in 2011 that aims to be an essential catalyst for driving innovation, effective representation, active promotion, and safeguarding interests in the European crowdfunding industry. Since its founding, it has established itself as a key player tirelessly working to shape and lead the path of crowdfunding in Europe.

This organization strives to foster innovation within the sector, recognizing the importance of diversity in the crowdfunding ecosystem and working to create an environment conducive to creativity and the development of new initiatives. The organization encompasses not only crowdfunding platforms but also public institutions, research centers, and universities, acknowledging that comprehensive and diverse representation is essential to address the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

In summary, EUROCROWD plays a fundamental role as a catalyst for innovation, advocate for effective representation, active promoter, and protector of the European crowdfunding industry. Its holistic approach and commitment to fundamental principles have set a standard of excellence and leadership in the crowdfunding landscape in Europe.

Our decision to join EUROCROWD reinforces our commitment to the highest standards of transparency, self-regulation, and best practices in the crowdfunding industry. By becoming active members, we not only strengthen our position in the Spanish market but also contribute to the development and promotion of the crowdfunding industry at the European level.

This membership will provide Urbanitae with a platform to exchange knowledge with other industry leaders, participate in strategic policy discussions, and expand our network of contacts. All of this will enable us to continue innovating and play a key role in the evolution of real estate crowdfunding across Europe.

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