Everything you need to know about Branded Residences

Everything you need to know about Branded Residences

Everything you need to know about Branded Residences

Branded residences have emerged as a steadily growing trend, blending the luxury of hospitality with the exclusivity of private property ownership. The Global Branded Residences 2023 report by Knight Frank predicts a 55% increase in the global branded residences market by 2026. These successful branded residences in major capitals like New York and London bring with them the prestige of globally recognized brands, offering a unique living experience while also opening new opportunities for investors. In today’s post, we will cover everything you need to know about branded residences.

What are Branded Residences?

Branded residences are real estate properties associated with renowned brands from various sectors. From luxury hotels offering residential suites to condominiums designed by iconic fashion designers, these properties carry the distinctive essence of the brand. Owners not only acquire a living space but also a lifestyle linked to the brand identity.

According to Knight Frank’s analysis, there are a total of 186 active projects worldwide until 2022, with an additional 32 new projects expected to launch this year and 23 projected for 2024. North America leads the list, with almost 40% of the projects, followed by Asia-Pacific and Europe.

In Spain, branded residences are beginning to emerge, albeit with a few decades of delay. According to the Branded Residences 2023 report by Colliers, their supply in our country will triple in the next four years, reaching up to 1,200 units.

Some notable branded residence projects include The OWO in London, Mandarin Oriental Residences in New York, and The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Dubai.

Investment opportunity

Investing in branded residences not only involves acquiring a high-quality real estate asset but also opens opportunities for attractive returns. The association with prestigious brands can increase the property’s appeal and value over time. Additionally, professional property management by the brand can result in impeccable maintenance and first-class services, contributing to the constant appreciation of the investment.

The role of Real Estate crowdfunding

In the context of branded residences, real estate crowdfunding can provide a unique way for investors to access this exclusive market. By participating in a branded residences project through crowdfunding, investors can enjoy the benefits of partnering with a prestigious brand without having to commit a large sum of money. This democratizes access to investment opportunities that were traditionally available only to large capital investors.

Branded residences not only represent an innovative approach to luxury housing design but also open new doors for real estate investment. By taking a proactive approach to explore these opportunities, investors can not only enhance their financial well-being through high-end property ownership but also participate in this evolution of the real estate market through crowdfunding. The combination of luxury, lifestyle, and investment opportunities makes branded residences a phenomenon worthy of attention in today’s real estate landscape.

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