Lodgerin, medium-term rentals where people “matter”

Óscar Rubio es el fundador y CEO de Lodgerin, una compañía especializada en el alquiler de media estancia

Lodgerin, medium-term rentals where people “matter”

Medium-term accommodations have become an interesting alternative in an increasingly complex rental market. In this interview, we speak with Óscar Rubio Martín, founder and CEO of Lodgerin, a marketplace for renting properties for periods ranging from 1 to 12 months with digital real estate management services. With over 12,000 rentable units in its portfolio, Lodgerin provides support in marketing, onboarding, and comprehensive management specially focused on individual property owners or small property investors. Compared to traditional housing rental, Rubio highlights the flexibility of this model and its great potential to provide higher income and reduce the risk of non-payment.

Óscar, tell us about your background and the origins of Lodgerin.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 11 years. The idea for the project came when I went to study in the United Kingdom. During my time there, I encountered many difficulties finding housing, and I couldn’t stop thinking: “I wish there was a company that could help me with accommodation search.” Upon returning to Spain, I started a company to address this need: we assisted students in finding accommodation abroad. This idea evolved from one project to another until Lodgerin was born.

Lodgerin is a platform for medium-term property rentals. What types of accommodations does the platform offer, and what is the average length of stay?

Lodgerin is the first marketplace for medium-term property rentals with digital real estate management services. Our offerings for tenants are based on studios and complete apartments with one or more bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, and kitchen, providing the privacy and tranquility necessary for studying or working. Additionally, we offer shared apartments with rooms equipped for studying or working; some have private bathrooms, with access to the kitchen and common areas of the apartment.

More focused on students, we have residences with individual or shared rooms and numerous common areas for leisure activities with fellow tenants. Another highly demanded option in recent years is colivings, a new rental trend in major European cities. They are undoubtedly a solution to rising prices, allowing tenants to stay in city centers at affordable rates.

What services does Lodgerin offer to property owners?

For property owners, we focus on managing rentals in the medium-term market (1 to 12 months) and offer various services. First, we facilitate marketing: owners can list their property on our marketplace for promotion. Listing is free, but if a reservation is made, the owner must pay a fee deducted from that reservation. Additionally, we handle onboarding: if the owner has listed their property on our platform, they can opt for this digital service to validate tenants, enjoy digital signing, and an online check-in and check-out process for the property.

We also offer comprehensive management (full managed and full managed plus). This is the most complete service, aimed at individual property owners or small investors with no experience in the medium-term rental sector, seeking a service to maximize returns on their assets. In addition to the above services, comprehensive management also includes financial management of the property (rent collection and payments) and overall operation management.

Let’s talk about your user profile. What do users value most about the platform?

Undoubtedly, what users value most about Lodgerin is the customer service, personalized approach, and support we offer, combined with technology. For us, technology is a tool that should bring us closer to people, which is why our slogan is “We Do Care.” It’s our differentiating factor.

“The flex living concept is presented as a very innovative solution for current housing needs”

We care about our users, we go beyond, we want to offer the best service/cost ratio, both for tenants and property owners. Anyone can do it, but no one does it because it’s complicated to execute and carry out. In our case, it’s where we started and it comes with us, ingrained in our essence.

What role does technology and innovation play in Lodgerin’s model?

In our model, technology and innovation go hand in hand and play a fundamental role. We provide real estate management and marketing services to property owners and professional rental managers, always using proprietary technology to improve the economic outcome of property rentals. In fact, our vision is to be a leader in this field to help owners and tenants find a common ground where both parties benefit from the rental relationship. Similarly, we want property owners to manage stays, rental management-related services, and other associated services like cleaning, maintenance, utilities, shopping, etc., all in one application and remotely.

Although your headquarters are in Madrid, you have expanded your brand to various countries, including the United Arab Emirates, where you have just entered the residential rental market with 1,000 rental units. What does this entry into this territory mean for the company?

The entry of our company into a new market like the United Arab Emirates is a crucial milestone in our global expansion. Our digital approach allows us to offer a comprehensive solution for those looking to rent medium-term accommodations.

In which other territories are you present, and what are your short to medium-term objectives?

Currently, we are present in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Lisbon, Porto, Milan, Rome, and Florence. Lodgerin’s growth projections also involve expanding to more European countries throughout this year and continuing our expansion in the UAE by opening cities like Abu Dhabi.

Seasonal renting has surged in the first year of the housing law. Where do you think the market is headed?

Seasonal renting is undoubtedly a much more flexible option and potentially generates higher income per unit of time with lower risk of non-payment than traditional renting. Additionally, it is compatible with other uses of the property, such as personal use or vacation rental. All these advantages, combined with the uncertainty generated by the housing law, make seasonal renting one of the most attractive options.

“A highly demanded option in recent years is colivings, a new rental trend in the main cities of Europe”

But not only from the owners’ perspective, also for tenants. The temporary rental market may evolve with technology or new accommodation models, but it will undoubtedly be driven by changing habits and mindset of new generations seeking mobility and flexibility as their first choices, both for their work or educational environment and personally.

Finally, is flex living the future of real estate investment?

We live in an environment where mobility and flexibility are highly valued. The concept of flex living presents itself as a very innovative solution to current housing needs of students, young professionals, or digital nomads seeking temporary homes without sacrificing the comfort of community. In this sense, I would say this typology plays, and will continue to play, a crucial role in the real estate sector.

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