New Debt Project in Madrid with 30% Return!

New debt project in Mallorca with a 12% return

New Debt Project in Madrid with 30% Return!

This week we are launching a new debt project in Madrid, which we will open for financing next Tuesday, April 30th at 4 p.m.

Project El Olivo is located north of the municipality of Colmenar Viejo, an area in full expansion with a population of 49,500 inhabitants and fully consolidated with all kinds of services.

For this project, we will count on Agruppa Homes, a real estate development company focused on high-quality residential projects in good locations in the Community of Madrid.

+65% of the homes reserved

This operation will be structured via debt, where Urbanitae Investors will grant a fixed-rate loan to the asset-owning company.

The developer has secured financing and is in the process of formalizing it with a top-tier banking entity. Additionally, the project has obtained a building permit and a construction contract is finalizing details for signing.

In this video, Diego Bestard and the project developer tell us the key points for investing in this project.

30% return in 24 months

The project has a 30% return over 24 months. In the second quarter of 2024, the loan from Urbanitae investors to the manager is expected to be granted.

Between the second and third quarters of 2026, the completion of construction works and the commercialization of the homes is estimated.

Finally, in the third quarter of 2026, the repayment of the loan granted by Urbanitae investors is expected.

As always, you can reach out to us with any questions about the project at or by calling 911 23 25 22.

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