Praefy, the all-in-one real estate software for agencies and real estate agents

Javier Pérez, CEO & co-founder de Praefy, empresa de software inmobiliario para agencias y agentes inmobiliarios

Praefy, the all-in-one real estate software for agencies and real estate agents

Praefy is a recently established startup determined to elevate real estate management to another level. In September 2022, this software provider for agencies and real estate agents joined the business accelerator Lanzadera, and a few months ago, it concluded a financing round with contributions from private capital and Enisa funding. We discuss the startup’s value proposition and its real estate CRM with Javier Pérez, CEO & co-founder of Praefy, as well as the digitization of the real estate sector.

You started your activity at the end of last year with the support of the Lanzadera acceleration program. Tell us what Praefy is and how the company started.

Praefy is an all-in-one cloud-based software for agencies and real estate agents. With Praefy, agencies can synchronize their properties with different real estate portals, manage their relationship with clients, keep their daily tasks organized, and have a personalized website synchronized in real-time with their property portfolio.

Our main goal is to make their lives easier so they can have more time and focus on what matters most: growing their business.

The idea arose from my own experience in technology companies and the knowledge I had gained from the real estate sector as a small investor. I observed a significant difference between the technology companies I had worked for and the level of digitization in the real estate sector, along with the considerable progress that still needed to be made. Undoubtedly, Praefy’s entry into the Lanzadera acceleration program in September 2022 has been a key factor in the company’s success.

You are a startup software provider for agencies and real estate agents that covers all the sector’s needs in a single platform. Tell us about your value proposition and the technology developed by Praefy.

Praefy’s value proposition is based on two main aspects. Firstly, it is an all-in-one software. Praefy is an all-in-one software that helps agencies and real estate agents manage their entire business from one place, without the need for multiple tools. Secondly, its usability (UX/UI): Praefy is an extremely user-friendly cloud-based tool that helps clients use the software quickly and from anywhere. The learning curve is very fast compared to other more complex tools on the market. Our main goal is for agencies to use it as smoothly and easily as possible, providing them with time to attract clients and grow their business.

What advantages does a real estate agency find in your software and real estate CRM? How does it work?

Praefy is a cloud-based SaaS for agencies and real estate agents. Among its main features are synchronization with free and paid real estate portals; a real estate CRM to better manage their relationship with clients; task management and a calendar for managing and optimizing their daily activities, as well as those of their salespeople. It also has a real estate website where they will have their entire property portfolio. This way, their properties are not only synchronized with the main real estate portals but also with their own website. It also allows the capture of all new investment opportunities in the market and the addition of new properties to their portfolio. Finally, it offers valuations and market reports so that real estate agencies can provide accurate property assessments to their clients.

“The real estate sector needs to incorporate technology into all its processes to remain competitive.”

Transparency and security are crucial for platforms like yours. How do you guarantee that security and transparency?

As a CRM, we handle large amounts of data, so this is an issue to which we pay special attention. We work with the highest security standards and the best providers to ensure maximum data security at all times.

A few months ago, you closed a financing round worth €120,000. Tell us the details of this financing round and what you have achieved thanks to it.

This round has been possible thanks to private investors who have trusted our solution, in addition to Enisa, which has not only provided funding but also recently certified us as an emerging company.

Thanks to this round, we have managed to launch the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of our solution and acquire the first users and customers. It will also allow us to continue improving our product and gaining the trust of our customers.

Do you plan to carry out new financing rounds soon to expand the team and continue driving the transformation of real estate through technology?

Indeed. In our roadmap, we plan to continue incorporating talent for both the development of our technology and for the areas of marketing and sales.

This year, we will continue expanding our network of contacts and investors who share our vision for technology and want to contribute to making Praefy the leading software in Spain’s real estate sector in the coming years.

“We work with the highest standards of security and the best providers to ensure maximum data security at all times.”

Like other sectors, the Spanish real estate is immersed in accelerated digitization that exposes it to new realities and needs. What are the main challenges it faces?

The real estate sector needs to incorporate technology into all its processes to remain competitive and improve the service it offers to its clients. We want agencies to stop using the traditional “paper and pen” so that they can digitize their entire activity and access it in the cloud at all times.

How do you think proptech can bring value to the real estate sector?

Listening to our clients is the best way we have to continue bringing value to the real estate sector. At Praefy, we constantly listen to our clients and their needs to continue improving our product and the solutions we offer them.

What perspectives do you have for 2024?

We want this year to be the one where we start gaining strong traction and reach the figure of 1,500 users. Our idea is to become leaders in the Spanish and southern European markets in the coming years.

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