“Our goal is for any investor to be part of Urbanitae”

En Urbanitae los inversores tienen un papel clave

“Our goal is for any investor to be part of Urbanitae”

In a real estate investment platform, trust is crucial. At Urbanitae, we aim to build that trust in two ways. Firstly, we strive to select the best investment opportunities available in the market through a rigorous and secure project selection process. Secondly, we provide each investor with personalized attention and their dedicated manager. Today, we discuss this work with Luis Carvajal, Customer Success Representative at Urbanitae.

What is the main task of the Investor Relations Department?

Our department’s main goal is to provide support and information to Urbanitae users and investors. This service ranges from resolving doubts about registration and web operations to in-depth information about projects and portfolio tracking for investors.

What do investors appreciate the most?

In my opinion, one of the things they value most is having direct contact both by phone and email, and even in person. In the investment world, knowing that there is someone on the other side who will help you when there are any doubts or issues is fundamental.

What would you say is the most challenging part of your job?

Adapting the service to each user or investor. Without a doubt, you have to be very agile and know how to provide each person with the service they demand and need. The investor base is very large, and each person has different goals and concerns, all of which deserve the best possible attention.

“In the investment world, knowing that there is someone who will help you is fundamental.”

How do you explain Urbanitae‘s growth over the years?

I think hard work is fundamental. From our perspective, it’s essential to be clear that each user is very important, that everyone contributes. To grow, we need to ensure that all investors feel they are essential in Urbanitae, because that is the reality.

Urbanitae is not your first foray into real estate crowdfunding. What sets Urbanitae apart from other investment platforms?

I would say transparency and the desire to do things in the best possible way. At Urbanitae, we always put the investor first. I believe that’s the most significant change we’ve made compared to other platforms.

How do you manage with investors’ high demand for projects?

Many of our projects are funded in minutes, and although this is an extraordinary show of trust from our investors, high demand is a complex issue. The key is patience on both the investor’s and the department’s part. We understand that it can generate a lot of frustration, but it is also true that thanks to the support improvements implemented by the Investor Relations Department, incidents have decreased significantly.

“We have to ensure that all investors feel they are necessary at Urbanitae.”

Results are Urbanitae’s best endorsement. Luis, could you explain how the project refund process works?

It is a relatively simple process. In loan projects, the principal is usually returned, and the total profitability generated is paid in a single installment. In contrast, in capital gains and income projects, a meeting must be held to settle the investment.

Urbanitae allows anyone to invest, including large capital. What percentage do large investors represent, on average?

It is clear that, as we grow, we attract the attention of large investors. At this point, they may represent around 10% of the base and about 30% of total funding.

What is the typical or average investor like at Urbanitae?

It’s challenging to answer that question because our goal is for all types of investors and even savers to have the option to be part of Urbanitae. In fact, it must be so that we can meet our growth targets.

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