New investment opportunity in Madrid. Discover the Alcotán Zabala project

Nueva oportunidad de inversión en Madrid. Descubre el proyecto Alcotán Zabala

New investment opportunity in Madrid. Discover the Alcotán Zabala project

We present a new project in Madrid that will open for investment on March 20th at 16:00 (UTC+1).

The Alcotán Zabala project consists of the development of a new residential promotion comprising 12 homes in the Ciudad Jardín neighborhood (Madrid). The manager of this operation is Grupo Abauco, a real estate developer with whom we have already carried out three projects before.

The project in question is located on General Zabala Street, in the Ciudad Jardín neighborhood, Madrid. The project is situated just 200 meters from the National Music Auditorium, next to Príncipe de Vergara Street and the Cruz de Rayo metro stop.

The promoter invests its own capital

The operation will be structured through a capital increase, where both the manager and Urbanitae investors will make a capital contribution to the promoting company of the operation. This promoting company plans to access bank or alternative financing for the development of the project.

Grupo Abauco will be dedicated to the comprehensive management of the promotion and will contribute 20% of the total investment capital.

In this video, the promoter and our CEO, Diego Bestard, explain the details of the Alcotán Zabala project.

Profitability in 32-36 months

The estimated duration of this project is 32-36 months. Regarding profitability, we cannot disclose figures, but it can be easily calculated from the project URL information. Just like in the rest, in the favorable scenario, which is the one we base on in Urbanitae and which we contrast with third parties, profitability is calculated using the formula: (Income forecast – Cost estimate) / Total equity.

In the second quarter of 2024, the capital increase and land acquisition are expected to be completed.

Between the first and second quarters of 2025, the start of construction work is estimated.

Between the fourth quarter of 2026 and the first quarter of 2027, the completion of construction, first occupancy license, and delivery of the homes are expected.

Finally, between the first and second quarters of 2027, the liquidation of the company and distribution of profits to the investors are estimated.

As always, you can contact us at or by phone at 911 23 25 22.

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