Javier Vidal, new CFO of Urbanitae

Javier Vidal, new CFO of Urbanitae.

Javier Vidal, new CFO of Urbanitae

The family is growing! Today we are pleased to announce the appointment of Javier Vidal as the new Chief Financial Officer of Urbanitae.

Javier comes from the proptech company Casafari, which has developed an all-in-one software for real estate agents. In fact, we had the opportunity to interview him on the blog during that stage. However, his career in the investment world is more extensive. Previously, Javier built his career at the private equity firm Realza Capital, which now manages over 300 million euros. He also worked at Stoneweg, a multinational asset manager of Swiss origin that has invested more than 5 billion euros in real estate worldwide.

Graduated in Law and Business Administration from the University of Valencia, Javier Vidal also holds a master’s degree in Financial Markets and Institutions from Cunef.

What a Chief Financial Officer does

Javier Vidal’s primary mission as CFO of Urbanitae will be to lead the company’s strategy, ensuring it has the optimal financial and material resources to achieve growth and profitability objectives. This involves managing activities related to fundraising, investor relations, cost optimization, revenue diversification through new business lines, corporate development, and international expansion.

“Javier’s knowledge in the field of real estate investment and his experience in international environments are crucial for the phase we are currently in. Having overcome the initial phase of market positioning and consolidation, Urbanitae is ready to take a quantitative leap and position itself among the top companies in Europe,” says Diego Bestard, founder and CEO of Urbanitae.

For his part, Javier Vidal states that “Urbanitae is one of the most exciting projects of my career, both because of the solidity of its proposal and the ambition of the goals it has set for the coming years.”

And it’s no wonder. Javier Vidal’s incorporation comes at a time of expansion and growth for Urbanitae. After financing our first projects in Portugal, we are on track to close the first half of the year with a volume exceeding 75 million euros. This figure represents a 40% increase compared to the same period last year. Additionally, we expect to announce our first project in Italy soon.

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