Urbanitae and The Phantom of the Opera together for another season!

Urbanitae y El Fantasma de la Ópera renuevan su acuerdo de patrocinio.

Urbanitae and The Phantom of the Opera together for another season!

It’s official! We will be the main sponsors of The Phantom of the Opera for the upcoming season, starting in Madrid on September 27.

In the new production by Let’s Go Entertainment and Amigos Para Siempre, the longest-running musical in history premiered in Madrid on October 4. Directed by Federico Bellone with musical direction by Julio Awad, this version of The Phantom of the Opera arrived in Madrid after its premiere in Trieste (Italy) in the summer of 2023. Since then, it has achieved nothing but success.

180,000 spectators and multiple awards

Since its premiere in October, more than 180,000 spectators have attended nearly 280 performances in the capital. Led by actors Gerónimo Rauch (the Phantom), Talía del Val (Christine Daaé), and Guido Balzaretti (Raoul de Chagny), the musical announced its second season last April, driven by audience and critical acclaim.

The production earned two awards at the second edition of the Talía Awards, granted by the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain. Lead actress Talía del Val received the award for Best Actress in a Musical, while Julio Awad was honored with the award for Best Musical Direction.

In addition to these accolades, the production won three more awards at the 16th edition of the Musical Theatre Awards. Federico Bellone and Clara Abbruzzesse received the award for Best Set Design. Valerio Tiberi won the award for Best Lighting Design, and Roc Mateu earned the award for Best Sound Design.

Stop in Bilbao

Before returning to the Teatro Albéniz in Madrid, The Phantom of the Opera will make a single stop in Spain, specifically in Bilbao. From August 14 to September 15, the Teatro Arriaga will host a total of 38 performances – double shows on Fridays and Saturdays – of the most successful musical in history.

All of this makes us especially proud to be the main sponsor of The Phantom of the Opera for this second season as well. As you know, at Urbanitae, we are focused on providing you with unique opportunities… not just in the investment world. The first adaptation of this legendary musical arrived in Spain in September 2002. The new 2023 production, endorsed by Lloyd Weber, has been a complete success, one that you can also be a part of. Urbanitae investors will have privileged access to the second season. Are you ready to invest with us?

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