“We are far from reaching a peak in prime assets”

The Simple Rent

“We are far from reaching a peak in prime assets”

Sonia Campuzano, co-founder and CEO of The Simple Rent, is a successful woman and a clear example of entrepreneurial talent in the real estate market. At 21, she was awarded the “National Award for Young Entrepreneurial Initiative” for a technology project, at 23, she created her own company, and today, she is part of the “Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain.” Since 2017, she has been leading The Simple Rent, an online real estate network for luxury properties that manages the assets of over 95,000 owners and has more than 250 franchisees and agents in 150 cities. In this interview, she reveals the evolution of the company and the prime real estate market, an emerging and constantly evolving sector.

Tell us about the origin of the company.

The Simple Rent is an innovative real estate concept that I founded with my husband and partner A. J. Gómez to transform the real estate sector through technology. Under this premise, we created the first online network in the prime segment.

In just one year, and despite the crisis, we achieved a 400% growth in this franchise network. With an online methodology and an exclusive platform that allows partners to operate from anywhere in the world, we overcame physical barriers with The Simple Rent. Today, the brand leads the online real estate sector, asset management, and real estate investments with over 250 franchisees and agents and presence in more than 150 cities across two countries. Currently, we manage the assets of over 90,000 property owners.

You are a real estate agency specializing in the luxury sector. What specific services does the platform offer?

The Simple Rent is defined by the concept of “collaborative franchise.” This refers to a business model where different entrepreneurs join a franchise network to collaborate and share resources, knowledge, and experiences to achieve collective success. All this is possible thanks to our exclusive centralized platform that facilitates each agent and franchisee in managing and administering their real estate business.

Among the main features of this platform is an integrated proprietary CRM, a software designed to efficiently manage all interactions and relationships with clients. It allows real estate agents to manage their agenda, effectively track clients, and match their demands and needs with the offers contained on the platform. All this aims to increase the conversion rate of potential clients into real clients. It automates key business processes, such as property tracking, sending emails, and scheduling visits, saving time and increasing efficiency.

It is also a professional website. It allows users to buy, sell, or rent properties. Additionally, it offers a wide range of boutique services such as video integration, virtual tours, and map systems.

The instant publication on portals is another feature. Agents only need to enter the property data into the real estate CRM, which automatically syncs with the portals. It facilitates the creation and incorporation of 3D, virtual tours, and videos.

The reports and analysis are a valuable tool that allows for efficient and effective collection and analysis of relevant market and property information.

Lastly, we offer TSR Academy and training itinerary. At The Simple Rent, continuous training is essential, so franchisees can advance in their training itinerary and reach as high as they aim. This training, thanks to our TSR Academy, can be carried out through our platform and online.

The Simple Rent also offers the possibility of franchising. What advantages does your model offer?

Our model is a unique business opportunity as it allows any entrepreneur to start in the luxury real estate and asset management world with a reduced investment. The reason is that thanks to our online methodology and platform, the franchisee does not have to make large investments in premises or equipment. Our office becomes their virtual office.

“Privacy, security, and comfort are the top priorities for luxury home buyers.”

Additionally, our know-how of over 30 years of experience in the real estate world is transmitted through TSR Academy to our agents, through our Training for Agents course and continuous training itinerary.

Let’s talk about the company’s success figures: properties managed to date, the number of owners and clients who have already trusted you to manage their assets, etc.

Compared to the previous year, we have experienced an impressive 59% increase in the management of high-end properties. This achievement reflects our ability to stand out in the luxury real estate market, providing our clients with unparalleled management and personalized services.

Another notable achievement has been the 64% increase in our turnover compared to the previous year. This significant growth not only demonstrates the robustness of our business model but also the continued trust our clients place in us.

We have also experienced an exponential 78% increase in the number of property owners. This substantial growth highlights the growing demand for our specialized services and the preference of owners to partner with us for managing their exclusive properties.

In 2023, we also reached an important milestone by surpassing 230 franchises nationwide. This expansion demonstrates the continued interest of entrepreneurs and sector professionals in joining our network, backed by our proven success and reputation in the market.

By the end of 2023, we also celebrated a 64% increase in the number of transactions completed. These results are a testament to the effectiveness of our strategies and our team’s ability to successfully close deals.

Digitalization is transforming the real estate sector. What role does artificial intelligence (AI) play in your platform?

The Simple Rent has earned its reputation as one of the most effective real estate software for client management and transaction tracking in today’s real estate market. Our intuitive user interface, automation tools, and top-notch support service are just some of the elements that define our offering.

“Currently, we manage the assets of over 90,000 property owners.”

Moreover, our marketplace, integrated with hundreds of applications, allows us to offer a fully personalized experience to each user. Whether it’s integrations with marketing platforms, financial management solutions, or market analysis tools, we’ve got it covered.

We don’t settle for keeping up with the industry; we aim to lead it. That’s why we have developed a cutting-edge AI tool that enables us to track every property for sale across Spain and calculate its profitability. This technological advance gives us the distinction of having the most comprehensive property portfolio in the country, allowing us to offer an unrivaled catalog to investors of all profiles.

Additionally, the use of AI stands out in meeting our clients’ needs by enabling automated information matching between their characteristics and needs and our offer. In this way, we obtain the best selection of properties for our clients in a matter of seconds.

Is smart technology the main priority for luxury housing?

We can affirm that increasingly more buyers are looking for properties equipped with advanced home automation and integrated AI solutions. From security and access control systems to home automation and energy management, cutting-edge technology has become a distinctive and attractive element for luxury home buyers. This demand is combined with preferred locations.

This trend reflects an evolution in consumer preferences toward homes that offer not only comfort and luxury but also a modern and connected lifestyle. The presence of smart technology not only adds value to the property but also enhances the living experience of the residents, providing a higher level of comfort and security.

The sale of luxury homes in Spain continues to grow for the third consecutive year, with a 15% increase in transactions compared to the previous year. Where has this increase been particularly significant? Will we reach a peak in prime assets?

This increase has been particularly notable in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, and Mallorca, where the demand for high-end properties has been especially strong. Currently, we are far from reaching a peak in prime assets, especially due to the high attractiveness of our country for foreign investors.

How have consumer preferences evolved, and what factors fundamentally determine the purchase of a luxury home?

Regarding the buyer profile, two types stand out: the international buyer, led by the British, Germans, and French, and an investor profile. The former seeks luxury homes with exclusive and sophisticated features and corresponds to an executive profile over 40 years old with family, with high purchasing power.

As for the latter, the investor profile is again a foreign buyer who sees luxury as a safe value. They seek to invest in luxury homes as a way to preserve and increase their capital in the long term. Thus, prime properties are positioned as a “safe haven” due to their stability and potential for appreciation.

Privacy, security, and comfort are the top priorities for luxury home buyers. They seek homes with large plots of land, away from the hustle and bustle, and with advanced security measures such as surveillance systems and controlled access. There is also a marked preference for homes in gated communities or with adjacent properties that ensure tranquility and privacy.

Finally, what business forecasts do you have for the coming years both in Spain and internationally?

Our forecasts focus on continuing our national expansion, both in attracting new franchisees and achieving the highest possible professional growth for those who are already part of our brand.

Internationally, we are developing major projects linked to investments that we hope to announce shortly.

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