We closed the largest real estate crowdfunding operation in the history of Portugal

Cerramos la mayor operación de crowdfunding inmobiliario de la historia de Portugal

We closed the largest real estate crowdfunding operation in the history of Portugal

Following our landing in Portugal, we are proud to announce that we have successfully funded our first two projects in the country. These are the Paulo Duque project, located in Lisbon, which raised over €1 million, and the Barao Forrester project, located in Porto, which secured €5 million. The latter has become the largest real estate crowdfunding operation in Portugal.

This milestone will be etched in the history of real estate crowdfunding in Portugal. With the active participation of 1,281 investors, the Barao Forrester project has raised an impressive €5 million to finance an ambitious project: the transformation of an old factory into a vibrant complex of 96 tourist apartments in the bustling city of Porto.

The strategic choice of location at rua Barao Forrester, 730, was not accidental. This area, with its rich historical heritage and growing tourist appeal, represents a blank canvas for urban revitalization. The decision to rehabilitate this old factory not only aims to generate financial returns but also to drive the economic and social development of the local community. Beyond mere investment, at Urbanitae, we aspire to be a positive agent of change in the urban fabric of Porto.

A top-notch developer

The partnership with developer Caler Real Estate Advisory adds an additional level of credibility and expertise to the project. The developer’s reputation and expertise are a guarantee of quality and long-term success. This collaboration not only ensures the efficient operation of the complex but also positions us as a key player in Portugal’s hospitality industry.

Simão Cruz, Country Director of Urbanitae Portugal, assures that “We continue to study new investment opportunities throughout the country, with a special focus on large assets. Our goal is to reach a volume of €20 million in funded projects by the end of 2024.”

Behind this achievement lies the support of our investors. Their trust in our vision and the potential of this project has been crucial in reaching this historic milestone. At Urbanitae, we are committed to continue offering innovative and profitable investment opportunities that generate a positive impact on society.

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