We reward our recurring developers!

En Urbanitae premiamos a nuestros promotores recurrentes

We reward our recurring developers!

In investing, trust is the most valuable asset. At Urbanitae, we highly appreciate the trust given by our investors – many of whom are repeat participants – and, of course, the developers who choose us to bring their real estate projects to life. That’s why on February 21, we honored our recurring developers at a gathering held in Madrid.

The event, held at La Paloma Design Studio in Madrid, provided an opportunity to update the developers on our achievements in 2023 and our outlook for 2024. For Urbanitae, last year marked a new record in funding, reaching nearly 120 million euros, an 83% increase from 2022. We managed over 46,000 investments, more than double the previous year.

In addition to our investors, the numbers are significantly influenced by the developers who have joined us. In 2023 alone, we welcomed 20 new developers to the platform, and nine of them have already chosen to work with us again. In total, 69 developers have placed their trust in us, with half of them financing two or more projects on Urbanitae.

Six recurring developers

Therefore, at the meeting on February 21st, we also wanted to acknowledge the efforts of some of these recurring developers who have embraced alternative financing on Urbanitae up to 14 times – as is the case with Grupanxon. The symbolic award chosen was a brick with the Urbanitae logo, custom-made by the Toledo-based group La Paloma Cerámicas.


This Vitoria-based developer has been active primarily in northern Spain, with an international presence – they have an office in Santiago de Chile. MVRE has funded three projects on Urbanitae, totaling over 3.5 million euros. Two in Burgos and one in Vitoria, all generating capital gains. The latest, Residencial Sendoa Salburua, was financed last July.

Rubica Real Estate

In April 2023, we announced a partnership with Rubica Real Estate to boost income-generating projects – Rubica inaugurated this line of profitable assets. This developer has financed four projects with us, totaling over five million euros. All are income-generating, distributing quarterly dividends equal to or exceeding 5% annually.


Since January 2020, Grupanxon has financed a remarkable 14 projects on our platform through nearly 8,000 investments. A total of 9.4 million euros, a significant portion of which has already been returned to investors, with an average IRR of 16.5%, and always ahead of schedule.

Grupo Abauco

In February 2022, we financed the first project of Grupo Abauco and Urbanitae, Santa Hortensia 58, located in Madrid. Less than three months later, we repeated with another capital gains project, this time in the city of Seville: García Lorca. In total, over 5.5 million euros and close to 1,400 investments channeled into new construction developments.

Mia Domo

This Madrid-based developer has funded three projects on the platform, all in 2022, in Alicante, Sabadell, and Vizcaya. A total of 4.1 million euros allocated through 2,000 investments to residential projects with a capital gains strategy.

RTV Grupo Inmobiliario

Finally, the Catalan developer RTV Grupo Inmobiliario, which has financed four projects with us, all in the Balearic Islands – three in the same municipality, Santa Eulalia del Río. We continue in the residential and equity segment, with developments totaling 60 homes and a total amount close to 10 million euros.

We express our gratitude to all our recurring developers and to you, investors, for the trust you have placed in us.

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