Tamara Icardo, new brand ambassador for Urbanitae!

Tamara Icardo es la nueva embajadora de Urbanitae

Tamara Icardo, new brand ambassador for Urbanitae!

We are thrilled to announce that Tamara Icardo is the new brand ambassador for Urbanitae.

Our partnership with the Valencian paddle tennis player is another step in Urbanitae’s commitment to society, particularly in supporting culture, music, and sports.

As you may know, last June, we transformed the real estate crowdfunding sector by becoming the main sponsors of “The Phantom of the Opera.” More recently, we initiated collaboration with Cadena 100 by supporting the concert “Cadena 100 Por la Paz,” scheduled for March 9th at the WiZink Center in Madrid.

These actions align with Urbanitae’s dual objective. On one hand, driving disruptive actions within the sector, anticipating other players and adding a new dimension to the real estate investment world. On the other hand, our support for cultural and sports initiatives aligns with our aspiration to contribute to society’s development in areas outside – but complementary to – real estate.

Urbanitae and Tamara Icardo, an alliance of leaders

The alliance between Tamara Icardo and Urbanitae is not coincidental. At Urbanitae, we have taken note of Icardo’s trajectory, which well embodies some of our values.

As an Urbanitae ambassador, Icardo will bring our brand image closer through sports, specifically high-level paddle tennis. At the same time, Icardo’s mission is to embody our corporate identity, emphasizing common values such as leadership, effort, and a constant drive for improvement.

Icardo is currently the number 8 player in the World Padel Tour rankings. She recently reached the final of the women’s category of the Hexagon Cup alongside the Spanish player Alejandra Salazar, her partner since early 2024, who holds the 7th position in the rankings. They lost in three sets against the Argentine Delfina Brea (5) and the Portuguese Sofia Araújo (10). The Valencian player closed 2023 with an efficiency rate of over 70% and eight consecutive victories.

Common strategies in paddle tennis and investment

Although they may seem worlds apart at first glance, there are indeed common lessons that can be applied to both the racket and investment.

Strategy and planning

In this blog, we have emphasized the importance of strategy and planning on many occasions. Before investing, it is essential to set financial goals, assess risk, and adjust the strategy based on market conditions. On the other hand, a good paddle tennis player studies and plans each move, taking into account the opponent’s position. They make the necessary adjustments to achieve the best result with an optimal level of risk.

Emotional control

It is challenging to overstate the importance of keeping a cool head in sports practice. Not letting oneself be carried away by a bad streak or euphoria can be crucial for success. Similarly, when it comes to investing, maintaining calm in critical moments is fundamental to avoid unnecessary risks and avoid significant mistakes.


And that’s where risk reduction comes in through diversification. In paddle tennis, varying the play and coordination with the partner are key strategies to face different situations during the game. In investment, choosing different assets and sectors – with low correlation between them – helps reduce risks and protects your portfolio from turbulence in a specific area of the market.

Our Tamara Icardo knows a lot about these three strategies, and we hope that, as Urbanitae’s brand ambassador, she will help you apply them to your investments. Welcome, Tamara!

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