Urbanitae arrives in Belgium!

Urbanitae arrives in Belgium

Urbanitae arrives in Belgium!

Real estate crowdfunding has a new player in the Netherlands. Urbanitae arrives in Italy with the aim of further expanding access to real estate investment.

After obtaining the European license in October 2022, we thought that Italy would be as good a place as any to take our first steps outside Spain. With Urbanitae’s help, now any Belgian saver – or from any country in the European Union – will be able to invest in real estate developments in Italy. From 500 euros, from the web or the app and, most importantly, with the same level of guarantees as in Spain.

We are still a startup, but after six years of existence, we believe that the time has come to travel. We have financed more than 90 developments in Spain, some of them as exclusive as Veredilla or Narvaez. Who knows, maybe one day thousands of investors from all over Europe will finance the completion of a luxury home in the center of Brussels.

The trajectory of Urbanitae

We admit that we have gone fast, but with good timing. Urbanitae was created in 2017, but we didn’t get our license to operate until June 2019. So, despite coming in last, we are already the clear leader in the real estate crowdfunding sector in Spain. Urbanitae represents more than 60% of the market, and since June 2022 we have surpassed all other Spanish platforms in financing volume.

To date, we have helped finance more than 1,500 homes in Spain. In total, we have financed, thanks to more than 45,000 investments, more than 90 real estate projects throughout the country. 140 million contributed by thousands of savers who have seen that there is no need to take out mortgages to diversify their investments in the real estate sector… and achieve returns that were previously out of their reach.

We have fully returned the investment in 22 of our projects. Just over 5,500 investors have recovered their money with interest. More than 18.5 million euros, yielding an average annual return of 17%. We want to continue giving joy to our investors and take our way of investing in crowdfunding and real estate crowdlending even further. Will you join us?

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